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All in the Life of Corporate Event Photography

There was very little not catered for at the Bryant Park on Friday evening. A brief glance around the room as we walk in shows an immaculately decorated room with places for a minimum of 500 guests. Right now the room is eerily silent, place settings sit waiting for guests and the elaborate sound system is begging for a set. There is a definite sense of the calm before the storm. As we enter the kitchens this feeling is already evident. A team of chefs, waiters and waitresses are already in full flow preparing the array of dishes that will be consumed tonight. We make sure to get a few snaps of the preparations before we are hurried on by a flustered head chef.

By the time the conference ends the Conference Photography team are fully set up and ready to record the events of the evening. Everyone is immaculate in suits and evening wear despite the busy day of meetings and conferences. There is a definite sense of excitement as attendees unwind and the champagne begins to flow. We manage to get a few shots of the elaborate dishes before they are devoured completely, though attempting to delay five hundred hungry guests from a three courses meal is a task which surpasses even our expertise. As the meal ends we arrive at the all-important speeches. This is the crucial moment for our team and we are sure to get as many snaps of the ensuing ceremony as possible. Later these will be cut down to almost a third of those taken but right now it is crucial we don’t miss an opportunity. After the speeches comes the slide show. This has been put together by the Conference Photography team earlier in the week and is now up and ready to go. These slides give a perfect glimpse of the work which has gone into the conference and helps to show the assembled guests what they have achieved. As the slide show ends there is a palpable sense of pride in the room and everyone is ready to celebrate the work that has been achieved.

There is no time to rest for the Conference Photography team though. As the day turns to evening we are capturing images of the various revelries taking place. These images will later be uploaded to the Corporate Event Photography website and linked in to the conferences own website. As the guests continue on into the evening we continue to get as many high-quality images as possible. The atmosphere is incredible and it is this feeling that the Conference Photography team really aims to capture. It is past midnight by the time we are finished but the event has been a huge success. All in a day’s work for the Conference Photography team.